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Taps and Growlers in an Industrial Beer Hall

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So you know how good things come in small packages...

Well, it’s not true.

In fact, it’s the opposite.

At least as far as beer is concerned.

And hey, beer is always concerned.

Welcome to Craft and Growler, a wood-and-steel den with 30 taps, community tables and the ability to fill large glass jugs with takeaway beer, now soft-open in Fair Park.

This place is a beer hall, through and through. The walls are lined with growlers, the bar stools are fashioned from kegs, and the chandeliers used to be wagon wheels (which, presumably, carried beer). Speaking of beer, all the drafts are dispensed via a patented tap system that was designed to keep your growlers fresher for longer. Nobel Prize pending.

Now, imagine you’re in the mood for beer (it’s been known to happen). You’ll just stroll up to the bar, noting the glass and steel growlers on the right, the wood crates filled with beer bottles in the center. Take a seat on one of those kegs-turned-stools and choose something from the chalkboard of Texas-heavy drafts. A Revolver Blood & Honey, perhaps, or maybe the coffee-and-chocolate Firewheel Midnight Ninja. We’re just brainstorming.

And sure, any bar can pour you a beer. But this one, well, they can pour you a 64-ounce jug to go. We imagine that might come in handy this time of year.

Now to find a 64-ounce stocking.


Craft & Growler
3601 Parry Ave
(at 1st Ave)
Dallas, TX, 75219


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