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The Next Name in Your Closet

UrbanDaddy - Spindle & CanisterResolution: No new ahead-of-the-trend clothes you have to retire immediately when the trend actually kicks in.

Solution: Classic, well-made standards—think James Perse with slimmer cuts and more interesting details—from the new LA-based line Spindle & Canister.

Launched by a cadre of Pepperdine grads, the line's about upscale takes on basics—hooded cardigans, cashmeres, worn-in Ts—that you'll keep on the classic-with-a-twist shelf in your closet for Sunday brunch, the post-gym shake run or date night on your couch. Reasons she'll be touching you (aside from the usual reasons) include hand-painted zippers on a jacket, jersey linings and wooden buttons on the shoulder of a sweatshirt or the bottom seam of a T-shirt. And everything's been softened and pre-shrunk Downtown, so if it fits you now, it'll still fit next week.

As for the name—the spindle part's pretty obvious, and everything comes in a recyclable canister. (Okay. That wasn't so hard.) The designers swear that nothing you buy will ever have, say, an obnoxious all-over print.

Which is as good a resolution as any.

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