Space Oddity

Your Personal Napping Pod

None Twenty-nine snoozes, 11 espressos and one hot shower later... and you’re still tired.

Being a night owl/waiting up for Ohio to be called can do that to a person.

Either way, times like these call for a little siesta. Forty winks, if you will.

And, well, here’s the single most ridiculous way to accomplish that.

Say hello/night-night to CalmSpace, a European-engineered semi-soundproof capsule that was designed for the sole purpose of helping you power nap, now accepting early-interest inquiries.

Holy crap is this thing French. Picture a dark gray spaceship-like pod with a sound-blocking curtain, soothing red and blue blinking lights, and lots of acoustic foam (you know, in case you want to record a Christmas album in there or something).

If you’re thinking this all sounds a bit unnecessary for a nap, well, okay, fine, be like that. But imagine how nice it would be to have this thing stashed in the corner of your office during a particularly rough Monday. Just push aside the curtain, crawl inside and get all comfy, and 10 to 20 minutes later, the system’s smooth-music-playing alarm will gently awake you.

Oh, and don’t worry, we’re sure while you’re sleeping none of your coworkers will be talking about the lunatic in the sleep chamber.

No, that totally won’t happen.

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