New Wave

Working Out. On a Surfboard.

None The low on Wednesday: 38 degrees.

Just in case you weren’t sure, yes, that’s cold.

Good mulled wine, bearskin rug and bespoke barrel-fire weather.

Also, great surfing conditions.

Meet SurfSET, an intense indoor fitness program that takes place entirely atop a surfboard, taking reservations now for their temporary Downtown location.

So, surfing. Apparently, it’s a pretty great workout. And apparently, it requires an ocean. Or it did, until a few brilliant Californians figured out a way to cut out the middleman/Pacific. Their solution: a specially designed landlocked longboard that mimics the actual feeling of riding a wave. You know, besides the wetness.

In a couple of days, these guys are going to be in town offering classes (think of it like a Thanksgiving training camp). You’ll sign up, you’ll show up with zinc on your nose, and you’ll do a series of surf-themed exercises. Like pop-ups, duck dives and trying not to fall on your face. All the while: surf movies are going to play in the background for inspiration/your daily dose of Swayze.

Oh, and if you’re interested (and have eight free hours to kill this Thursday), they’ll be holding a course where you can actually get certified to be an instructor. Do that.

Then make a bunch of new business cards.


at BodyPlex Downtown
215 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30303

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