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The Black List, Now Taking Submissions

None This story is not for you.

No. You’re definitely not one of those people in the café with Final Draft lighting up your laptop, talking to your neighbor about character arcs and third-act dilemmas, and how every element of your 156-page script is far too critical to cut.

But if you were, this would be pretty huge news:

Time to reintroduce The Black List, a new resource for getting your script directly into the hands of people who finally and fully understand your cinematic genius, now accepting submissions.

So you know the Black List. Or you thought you did. Every year, the people behind it would name the best unproduced screenplays that had gone around town those last 12 months. And then suddenly, those scripts would no longer be unproduced. You might’ve heard of Zombieland, Slumdog Millionaire and The Hangover. They were all on this list.

And you couldn’t exactly just send your script to them. They had to find you. But now... you can just send your script to them. Go to the website. Pay a small fee. Hit send. Someone will read it. Someone will (obviously) love it. Someone will put down their latte and immediately get it into some pretty powerful hands.

Hopefully attached to a powerful person.

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