Stant by Me

A Guy. Making Watches. For You. In Hoboken.

None Look at your wrist.

If you’re staring at an empty wrist, keep reading.

If you’re staring at a watch, just go ahead and keep reading anyway. You’ll want more soon. Since clearly you like watches.

Introducing The Stanton Watch Co., a collection of stately time-telling devices that strap around your wrist, being painstakingly crafted nearby right now.

This began with a guy named Michael Stanton. And if you’d asked him what he was doing with himself a few years ago, he’d have answered: “Oh, you know, just a little light teaching myself to make watches. No big deal.” Fast-forward to today, and he’s creating some real horological beauties for the well-washed masses.

You’re in for classic-leather or alligator bands that look like something Gary Cooper would have worn while playing someone’s dashing uncle. Clear windowpane backs so you can see all the complicated gear-and-spring action that powers the thing forever. Stainless-steel and gold-plated bezels. Roman numerals only (to show everyone you can read Roman numerals).

Each model will only be made for a limited run, or you can make a personal appointment and talk custom faces and straps for a one-of-a-kind job. So no running into a guy wearing the same one as you.

Which spares you from having to kill a guy.


The Stanton Watch Co.

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