Kanz On

A Portable Desk for Working in the Woods

None Sometimes you need to get away from it all.

To disconnect from the office and reconnect with nature.

And sometimes, you want the exact opposite.

Like the ability to write a manuscript while camping or charge a laptop in the desert.

For those times, you’ve got this: the Kanz Field Power Desk, a portable, solar- and battery-powered workstation that keeps you connected from... wherever, available now.

We’re not saying this is the best addition to a camping trip. It won’t catch fish or grill a steak or tell a ghost story about a man with a hook for a hand. But it will hold your laptop. And charge your electronics. Because the boxy black-and-silver contraption (picture a touring band’s travel trunk) folds out into a functional work space. Complete with drawers and a power strip.

So on your next excursion to a place without desks, you’ll bring this along. Which is easy, since it only weighs 37 pounds. Just carry it to your desired locale (maybe somewhere overlooking a bluff), deploy the legs and open it up. Plug your computer into one output while charging your phone in another. Then, get to work (or stream Boardwalk Empire).

And if your remote desk usage requires even more accessories, you’re in luck. Because it’s customizable. Throw in some satellite Internet, lights, speakers and a couple extra power packs.

Great, now your Sherpa can watch TV.

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