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Just in Time for Fall. It’s Clothes.

None Look, let’s not get all fussy about this.

What we’re about to present you with is some very uncomplicated information about pants. And shirts. And jackets.

And we’d like to politely ask that you not muddy the waters with unnecessary thoughts about sartorial this and Fashion Week that.

At least not today.

Not in front of these clothes.

It would only piss them off...

Take an appropriately unceremonious look at Wittmore, a virtual wonderland of everyday wearables like vintage Levi’s denim and alpaca sweaters from Gant Rugger, online as of today for your body’s enjoyment.

This is where you’ll go when you need jeans to cover your legs. And some type of shirt to cover your torso. Say, Monday through Sunday. Like we said... simple.

But somewhere between sifting through indigo cardigans from Universal Works and figuring out which General Knot tie will pair best with a rooftop and a brandy snifter, it all starts to make sense. These guys know a thing or two about making you look incredible.

Grab some 1947 Levi’s straight legs (amazing year for straight legs), find something polka-dot-y and button-down-y and do your thing. You can even search by where the gear was made. Japan. Morocco... wherever.

Don’t look for “wherever,” though. That’s not a country.

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