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A Circle That Makes Crazy Cocktails

None Chances are, you’ve made a cocktail before.

And chances are, it was a pretty straightforward affair. Little gin. Splash of tonic. Lime.

Fair enough.

But today happens to be graduation day.

The day you step up your cocktail game. The day you take a small page from the book of one of the most lauded, experimental and batsh*t crazy cocktail houses in the country...

The day you discover The Porthole, a little glass vessel designed to quickly infuse cocktails with anything that fits inside of it. It was created specifically for Grant Achatz for the opening of the Aviary in Chicago, and it’s available now for preorder.

This is basically the room-temperature version of a pressure cooker. For cocktails.

The whole thing started with a conversation between a few designers and the Aviary’s “bar chefs.” They brainstormed. Probably said things like “tincture” and “lavender petals.” And then they came up with this.

Hop online, ignore the fact that you’re on a Kickstarter page (it’s real, trust us) and summon one for October delivery. Once the unassuming glass-circle-looking thing arrives, fill it with anything you think would make a good cocktail (Milk Duds, puffer-fish extract… alcohol), wait a bit and pour. That’s it.

And should you need some inspiration, it comes with house cocktail recipes straight from the Aviary.

Consider it a graduation gift.

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