Numbers Game

An App That Generates Fake Phone Numbers

None Keyser Söze.

A ninja.


Your phone number.

One of these things is about to vanish into thin air.

Or at least it’s going to appear that way to your blind date from last Tuesday.

Introducing Burner, an app that creates multiple working numbers for your phone... and then lets you erase them from existence at will, available now.

Think of this like a fake mustache. For your cell phone. An app that instantly generates alias numbers that when dialed will directly reach your phone. Until, of course, you decide to delete them.

Now, we’re not saying you’d ever need to use something like this. But, you know, in the event of an emergency/potentially volatile tryst, it’s good to have a little insurance. So, to start, download this thing onto your phone. Then, before you hand out your number, pull up the app. Select an area code, hit a button and boom, your phone number is now... not your phone number.

From there, you’ll use this fully functioning second line to do everything from answer calls to screen voicemails to text message back and forth. And when you’re ready to cut bait, just burn the number with a single swipe. It’ll appear as if it’s out of service, and you’ll have disappeared into the ether.

At least until they find you on Facebook.

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