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Two Floors of Beer, Wine and Liquor Nirvana

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We’ll resist the temptation to draw this out or start waxing rhapsodic...

Here’s a place that sells a lot of beer. And soon will be selling even more. Plus gin. And big, grill-worthy red wines.

Welcome to Batch 13, the new two-level emporium of small-batch beer, wine and (almost) liquor, now open.

All exposed beams, brick and unfinished plywood, this former pet store looks like it could be an industrial-looking bar—only here, you can order up your abbey ales in convenient take-home form.

As of now, you’ll see stacks of about 300 different sixers on the floor and in coolers that will force you into nail-biting choices like “Holy Moses White Ale or Hoppy Bunny ABA?” Or maybe one of their $12 wines in bins around the store.

But within a few weeks, you’ll also ascend to the second floor to find shelves’ worth of small-producer spirits and enough beers—this time in single-bottle, mix-and-match variety—that you could throw a party at which each of your friends could drink a different one. Even if you had 1,000 friends. (Note: this would require a very large shopping basket.)

And coming in the spring: a roof deck surrounded by graffiti murals, where they’ll hold tastings and parties.

It’s a roof-deck world; you’re just living in it.


Batch 13
1724 14th St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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