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Like Instagram for Video

None They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.

It follows logically, then, that a video would be worth millions.

And if you buy that, well, a hologram would have to be worth... God, just a ton of money. And if...

Sorry, where were we. Oh, right, this video app.

Introducing Cloudee, a (yes) cloud-based iPhone app that makes it ridiculously easy to share videos with everyone you know, in beta now.

This is sort of like Instagram for videos. Sort of. Filters: no. One-touch sharing to Twitter: yes. One-billion-dollar purchase from Facebook: maybe someday.

Here’s how this thing works. You register for beta (warning: currently invite-only). You sign up via Facebook. You take amazing video (we’ll trust you’ve got this part covered). You send the video to Cloudee. Cloudee gives you an easy-to-share link. You post said link to Twitter, Facebook, wherever. You ink a five-picture deal with Fox Searchlight. Easy.

Which reminds us: for now, there are literally no limits to the length of your videos or the number of videos you upload. Meaning anything is in play. A 24-hour documentary of your day. Two hundred short films documenting the fine art of applying suntan lotion to the neck of a Swedish hand model. Your long-in-development shot-for-shot remakes of The Godfather I and II.

It’s probably okay to skip the third one.

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