General Lee

Shorts Made from Stress-Free Fabric

None Breathe in............

Breathe out..........

Breathe in...........

Breathe out..........

Feel that? That’s you relaxing. Getting ready for the weekend. Getting ready for a whole lot of porching/hammocking/nothing. Good. That’s good.

Now, if only we could do something about your shorts.

The solution: Old Bull Lee, a bunch of Italian-sourced summer shorts that are made from the most laid-back fabric on earth, available online now.

These things: the work of a former architect who one day decided he’d rather make half-pants than houses.

So he flew to Europe and met with some Italian textile magnates, and they let him in on a little secret. The key to great shorts: happy fabric. The key to happy fabric: a cave.

Yes, a cave. One cave in particular. With a stream running through it. Apparently, the conditions provide a stress-free environment (also, the ideal levels of humidity) for storing things like long-staple cotton. Basically a spa for fabric. Basically the most Italian thing ever.

So say you’ve got a vacation coming up (or you want to treat your thighs to the sartorial equivalent of one). You’ll head to this site, browse the ornate prints (think: Hawaiian meets Victorian) and pick a pair that speaks to you. That’s when they’ll summon your shorts from the cave and send them stateside.

May want to wash them once before wearing.

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