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Date No. 3: the make-or-break date.

Time to get creative, with a change of scenery to some bucolic location.

But no less wine. In fact, a lot more wine.

A place like The Boxwood Winery & Tasting Room, John Kent Cooke’s formerly private Middleburg winery and architecturally advanced tasting room, now open to the public this summer from Friday through Sunday.

This is 170 acres of immaculate wine-iness. But you’ll stick close to the showstopping building that houses the winemaking operation and the tasting room—think of something that an Ayn Rand character might have drawn up, and you’re on the right track: giant stone blocks, dramatic angles and tons of steel.

You’ll want to take up a table on the patio overlooking the grapes and order a flight of their all-red-and-rosé lineup over some live music. Should a storm roll in, head for the circular, stainless-steel bar inside. From there, pick the bottle (or two) you like best and decamp to one of the two nearby polo fields that host matches on Friday and Saturday evenings.

You’ll also catch a glimpse of their museum-quality barrel-aging room. It’s off-limits, unless of course you make arrangements for a group tour and barrel tasting.

Think of it as the VIP section of the winery.


The Boxwood Winery & Tasting Room
2042 Burrland Rd
Middleburg, VA, 20198


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