Splash Dance

The Future of Finding New Music

7e88900cbe96f2e4d37de729a555a972You’ve got a great ear for music.

You discovered Bruce Springsteen.

Okay, that’s not exactly true.

But you did once discover a rare Bruce Springsteen and Skrillex mashup of “Jungleland”...

And honestly, it’s about time you received some sort of completely arbitrary recognition for it.

Meet Splash.FM, a website for finding good music, sharing good music and being silently judged by a group of your peers on what you consider to be good music, online now.

So yes, this is yet another one of those social music sites. The big difference here, though: it’s got a scoring system.

To begin: you’ll log in to this site via Facebook, add a bunch of followers (both friends and fellow calypso music lovers) and sit back as they populate your feed (think Twitter timeline crossed with Billboard chart) full of new songs. Which you’ll then be judging.

See, at the end of the day, this is really one big competition. Every song you post to the site will be rated by the masses. The good ones (a rare recording of U2 singing on your patio) will be lavished with praise and sent to the top of the Splash.FM charts. The bad ones (Chumbawamba Unplugged), well, they’ll be chided, derided and left to linger on your playlist in disgrace.

Like an Internet-streaming scarlet A.

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