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Playing Dodgeball on the Wizards’ Court

None Your usual Wizards postgame routine: a tall beer or two to numb the pain, and shagging stray Andray Blatche layup attempts.

Time to add one more agenda item: commandeering their practice court.

Specifically, we’re talking Wizards Dodgeball, a one-night-only affair by DC Social Sports Club that gives you an opportunity to play some pickup dodgeball on the Wizards’ private court.

This is your chance to actually do something great on a court emblazoned with the Wizards logo (if not you, then who...). You’ll grab your ticket to the game over happy hour at Bar Louie, then endure... er, enjoy... three quarters of the Wizards-Pacers game.

A few minutes before the final horn, you and your would-be dodgeball victims will be escorted down through the players’ tunnels, through the very catacombs of the Verizon Center and onto the team’s practice court.

There, you’ll break into two teams and get things started with a dodging battle royal. Then you’ll draft new teams for an array of other dodge variations—like medic dodgeball, where a designated player can bring you back to life if you’re hit—over the next hour.

No one will mind if you swish a few threes with your dodgeball.


Wizards Dodgeball
at the Verizon Center
601 F St NW
Washington, DC, 20004

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