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The Weirdest Baseball Cards Around

None It’s that time.

A time when carolers carol. When bell ringers ring. When snow makes its annual debut on the forecast. That time when you have one thing and one thing only on the brain:


Or at least you will now...

Because we’re introducing you to the new and wonderful world of Left Field Cards, perhaps the world’s strangest pack of baseball cards, available now.

Well, strange in the sense that they’re not your standard-size cards. They’re more postcard-size... because that, in fact, is what they are. Each player’s image has been hand-carved from a block of wood, then pressed on a postcard that’s suitable for framing or mailing.

The first series is called “The Bizarre Injuries Series,” a collection of players who managed to hurt themselves off the field in strange and/or amusing ways. John Smoltz scalded himself while ironing a shirt... that he was wearing. Nolan Ryan was once bitten by a coyote. And, of course, Glenallen Hill fell down the stairs during a violent dream about spiders. You know, that kind of stuff.

Down the line, they’ll offer more collections like “The Curious Second Careers Series” and “The Remarkable Mustaches Series.”

Fingers crossed for Bill Buckner.

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