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What to Wear at the Holiday Party

You’re staring down the barrel of a lot of holiday parties. Wear these items—all found at local haberdasheries—to ensure sexiness. And jolliness.

Nantucket-Made Corduroy Critter Pants

Nantucket-Made Corduroy Critter Pants

Why: They’re made by the grandsons of the same house of needle and thread that created Nantucket reds.
Scenario Requiring It: That tongue-in-cheek ugly-sweater soiree at your crazy aunt’s house on the Cape. They’ve got little Christmas trees on them, so, you know, you’re good no matter what.

Black-Diamond Skull Cufflinks at Louis

Black-Diamond Skull Cufflinks at Louis

Why: Because all your other cufflinks don’t involve little bejeweled skulls (yes, those are real diamonds), and it’s high time you had a pair.
Scenario Requiring It: The induction celebration for your cousin, who just joined Skull and Bones at Yale. Or as a nice complement to your Jack Sparrow suspenders.

Black-Diamond Skull Cufflinks, $3,950, available at Louis, 60 Northern Ave, Fan Pier, 617-262-6100

Vietnamese Needlepoint Cummerbunds

Vietnamese Needlepoint Cummerbunds

Why: Because you’re always on the lookout for black-tie accessories handcrafted by artisan needleworkers in Southeast Asia.
Scenario Requiring It: Black-tie charity party for your friend’s nonprofit that tends to need a shot of big fun (read: you). Plus, any accessory with popping champagne corks just screams, “I like to party.”

Smathers & Branson Cummerbund, $245, available at North River Outfitter, 124-126 Charles St, 617-742-0089

Custom Crushed-Velour Smoking Jacket

Custom Crushed-Velour Smoking Jacket

Why: It’s hand-tailored for you, uses all Italian materials and is trimmed with corded maroon silk.
Scenario Requiring It: The holiday party at Hef’s mansion. Or a cocktail party at the Most Interesting Man in the World’s penthouse at the edge of a cliff in Argentina. Or anytime. It’s a smoking jacket.

Custom Crushed-Velour Smoking Jacket, $2,500, available at Alan Rouleau Couture, 73 Newbury St, 617-424-7848

Embroidered Velvet Slippers

Embroidered Velvet Slippers

Why: They’re an homage to the classic Albert slipper, which took its name from the kind Prince Albert favored for around-the-housing-it in Great Britain.
Scenario Requiring It: The morning after the little New Year’s Eve party at Kate and William’s weekend retreat in Switzerland (yes, they know about you and Pippa by now).

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