Mud Dog Run

Playing Dirty

Running Through the Mud for a Beer

None Unseasonable cold. Sleet. Snow.

Yup, the only thing missing from this past weekend: mud. Oh, and 300 people who want to race you through it.

Presenting Mud Dog Run, a brewery-sponsored 5K that gives you a chance to wade through more mud than a presidential primary, happening this Saturday and registering competitors now.

There are two things you should know: first, you’ll need to sign a waiver before you run. Second, the whole thing is sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery, so there’s plenty of reward to go along with your risk.

The Competitive Wave (think Marine Corps basic training) goes off at 10am. For something a little less intense, other waves (none more than 300 strong) start in intervals later on.

In either case, you’ll get started at this big Maryland farm by bounding over hay and rock piles, then move onto a web of bungee cords, a cargo net, a corn maze and... here’s where things get really interesting: a mudslide, a pond to wade through and a mud bog filled with a “mystery substance” (hopefully: beer).

Speaking of beer, you’ll get a gratis Flying Dog at the finish, and there’s plenty more where that came from.

Remember: mud and beer do not make a Black and Tan.


Mud Dog Run
at Crumland Farms
7180 Willow Rd
Frederick, MD, 21702

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