Handmade Shoes from Maine

None Look at your feet. Just look at ’em.

Sorry. That got a little personal. But still.

They’ve suffered. They’ve supported. They’ve endured.

And so, it’s time to give back. Maybe with a foot massage. Or failing that, a really nice new pair of loafers...

Presenting Rancourt & Co., a Maine-based line of handsome American-made leather shoes, available online at long last.

This is the kind of footwear that pretty much makes you an honorary Kennedy. (Finally: you can drop the pending name change.)

The problem you’ve had until now: finding them. The family behind these made shoes for Jack Spade, Ralph Lauren and a few others, but you could only come across a pair of their own label in the odd Manhattan shop or somewhere in Japan. But now, through the magic of the Internet, you can get their boat shoes and moccasins online.

Fair warning: the site looks very much like something third-generation Maine shoemakers would design. But your reward for navigating through it is a treasure trove of hand-sewn penny loafers and suede moccasins that laugh dismissively at the notion of a sock.

It’s been too long since you’ve laughed at socks.

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