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Your Beer, Exactly One Degree Above Freezing

UD - Beer Froster We’ve just received word from the National Weather Service that you’re screwed.

Sorry, that was indelicate.

What we meant to say was, it’s hot. We’re talking you-came-this-close-to-drinking-a-Zima-yesterday hot.

The best way to deal with this unavoidable quandary: keep your beer as close to freezing as the unbreakable laws of the universe will allow.

Enter the Beer Froster, a beer-specific cooling unit that maintains a constant temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit, which, conveniently, also happens to be one degree higher than it takes to freeze a beer, available now.

We know what you’re thinking: I already have a mini fridge. We know what you’re thinking again: wait, there must be something more (cue light from the heavens and Peter Cetera’s floating head singing inspirational ballads). Why, yes, there is something more.

You see, what separates this thing from its more... technologically challenged counterpart is the fact that it’s a commercially approved, frost-free, beer-only containment unit complete with a digital thermostat that reflects a constant temperature of “coldest beer ever.”

Which means the next time you decide your pool would look a lot better with a few hundred people there, you’ll bring this into the mix. And lest you worry about what happens to your guest’s beer once it’s exposed to the blistering elements, due to the cooler’s prefreezing settings, a thick layer of frost will engulf every last one upon removal.

So, yeah, that’s why it’s not like a mini fridge.

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