The Rooftop Pool at the Liaison Hotel

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Today: picturesque. But we have it on good authority (namely, the weatherman) that later in the week it’s going to start creeping beyond 90 again.

You’ll need a coping strategy.

One that involves a few thousand gallons of water.

So let us tell you about The Rooftop Pool at the Liaison Hotel, selling daily and weekly passes now through Labor Day.

Now, you may have been up here for a private poolside fund-raiser in the past (Anthony Weiner, naturally, wore a Speedo), but this is the first summer they’ve opened their chaise lounges and two-person daybeds to the public.

So the next time you feel like knocking off work a bit early (say tomorrow, 11am), you’ll take the elevator to the top floor, claim a couple towels and soon be basking in the sun within a stone’s throw of the Capitol.

Your first order of business: book an open-air massage to unwind and then unwind from your unwinding with cocktails like the Porch Swing (bourbon, peaches, iced tea) and bites like local burgers with Talbot cheddar.

Of course, if you’re looking for something higher-impact, you can demonstrate your skills on the ping-pong table or at the bag toss game. You may still be taking on challengers come 5pm on Thursday and Friday nights, when DJs start spinning until 9.

Then again, you could just swim.

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