Lyon King

How to Dress Like a Southern Magnate

UD - Lyonstate You live in the South.

And with that distinct advantage comes a few realizations:

1) Your date may or may not be a stronger skeet shooter than you.
2) At some point, you’re going to have to eat a boiled peanut.
3) To win the game of seersucker, one must first learn how to play.

Regarding that last one... we may have just stumbled upon your new training grounds.

Welcome to Lyonstate, a brand-new online gear emporium hailing from Gulf Shores, Alabama, and your new go-to for Billy Reid seersucker, Rag & Bone blazers and all things Southern gentleman, online now.

So it’s spring. Which means that right about now you’re probably spending a lot of time commandeering uncharted rooftops, christening the occasional 19th hole over bourbon highballs and calling in a few last-minute requests for your box at the Downs. And although we’re pretty sure you’ve already got the closet arsenal to back such undertakings, allow us to suggest a re-up.

Which you’ll find by hopping online and sifting through a sartorial wonderland of derby boots and navy chinos from A.P.C., 3B blazers from Our Legacy and a formidable roster of patio-ready button-downs from Billy Reid.

Which should at least get you through the Derby.

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