Suiting Up

The Bikini Meets Lingerie

UD - Swimgerie The bikini. Truly, a concept that requires no introduction.

Lingerie. No introduction required here either.

But until now, no one had thought to combine the two...

Which brings us to Swimgerie, a new line of silky underthings that happen to double as bathing suits, now available online.

To the untrained eye, they might merely resemble unusually lacy swimsuits. But we’re here to report that... well, that’s exactly what they are. But we prefer to think that they resulted from decades of intensive scientific lab research into finding the precise place where the swimsuit ends and lingerie begins. (There really should be a grant for this kind of stuff.)

In reality, the line’s the brainchild of a lawyer in California (naturally), who bravely designed the suits out of frustration with the land-bound nature of her own underwear collection. (You understand completely.) The results: lingerie that your favorite swimming partner can wear to the pool, and a bikini that wouldn’t feel out of place in the bedroom.

Not that a bikini ever feels out of place in the bedroom.

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