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Introducing the City’s First Growler Station

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
UD - Growlers at Hop City We hate to restate the obvious, but we’re going to restate the obvious.

If our liquor laws were a person, we’re pretty sure they would be named Maud and say things like “dag nabbit” and “pass the rhubarb.”

Yes, they’re a bit antiquated. But today, we bring word of a new breakthrough in beer technology.

Well, new to this town, at least...

Introducing Growlers at Hop City, Atlanta’s proud foray into the magnificent world of draft beer to go, available for the first time ever this Thursday on the Westside.

Better late than never. And on the (very) off chance you’ve yet to become acquainted with these sudsy little marvels, it’s basically a refillable glass jug brimming with the draft beer of your choice. And yes, you can take it home with you.

So let’s say you’ve just put the wrap on an impromptu happy hour turned marathon draft beer tasting with clients and, simply put, you’re neither willing nor able to switch back to the bottled stuff. Head over to Hop City, weave your way through the dizzying labyrinth of craft beer and wine... then, find the “growler station.”

That’s where you’ll arm yourself with a half-gallon growler and choose from 16 rotating tap handles backed by keg-fresh suds (that you won’t find in bottles) like a barrel-aged IPA from SweetWater, a rare single-hop version of Prima Pils and Wild Heaven Invocation.

You’re hoping this won’t make bars obsolete.


Growlers at Hop City
1000 Marietta St, Ste 302
Atlanta, GA, 30318

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