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E-Chatting with a Wine Expert

UD - Real-Time Wine Advice from Ansonia Wines You’ve got those experts you rely on in person: your butcher, your masseuse, your sommelier.

Then you’ve got those authorities who can work their magic remotely: your stockbroker, your tailor in Milan... and your sommelier.

Introducing Real-Time Wine Advice from Ansonia Wines, available now to answer your most vexing wine conundrums via web chat.

This is like having a wine expert at your beck and call when you really, really need it (e.g., the Swedish Embassy’s social secretary is popping in unexpectedly for dinner and you have no idea what pairs well with leftover lasagna and pecan pie).

If you’ve been to this tiny, French-focused shop, you know they’re liable to whip out a map of France or spin a tale about one of the producers (they self-import most of their hard-to-find stock). Well, now they can give you a taste of that online.

Just Gchat them or direct message them on Twitter if you need to know whether that Chablis can stand up to your grilled ostrich surprise, or that ’95 Burgundy is really ready to pop for the assistant undersecretary’s visit (we hear he digs white zin anyway).

And if you’re serious about your red, check their site for Ansonia Direct, because they’re about to make a lot of the wines they import available for direct shipping to your house.

Getting your masseuse to your house is still up to you.


Real-Time Wine Advice from Ansonia Wines

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