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Your Next Motorcycle Jacket

UD - Perfecto Brand by Schott It’s Friday, so let’s keep it simple: leather + jacket = cool.

Even if sometimes the jacket’s not made of leather at all...

Introducing Perfecto Brand by Schott, a badass new line of jackets from NYC’s legendary biker pioneers, available now.

First, a little background: these are the same folks who made the legendary Perfecto jacket—the one you’ve seen on everyone from Wild One–era Brando to the Ramones—but after 80 years, they’re dusting it off for the 21st century. Things haven’t changed too much—you’ll still find something rugged enough for your next desert motorcycle trek—but they’ve gotten a little... lighter. Peacoats made from old-school denim and duck canvas. Racing jackets made from suede. Bombers made from horsehide. (Also, a scarf.)

So the next time you’re being chased by Smokey (or find yourself in a really windy dive bar), you’ll be suitably dressed. And if you find yourself suddenly needing to lower your profile—to throw Smokey off the scent—your jacket should be light enough to throw into a briefcase.

And at some point, you may also want to buy a motorcycle.


Perfecto Brand by Schott
available at Barneys New York

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