Central Park

Like Zipcar, but for Parking

UD - Park Circa Sometimes it feels like you against them...

Smart meters, meter maids in Cushman carts, street-cleaning Zambonis and joyriding valets make parking in this city feel like a battleground.

But we’ve found a promising weapon to add to your arsenal.

Introducing Park Circa, a community-driven app that’s like Craigslist for renting parking places—serving as your new radar for prime spots around the city—in early beta now.

Once you join, you’ll have a growing list of open spaces at your fingertips (for now, the neighborhoods are primarily Cole Valley, Haight and the Sunset). So instead of circling the blocks over and over again, you can open up this app and fire up the GPS map to hone in on real-time spots near your destination.

If the space meets your needs (the timing is good and the price is right), then you’ll tap “check in” and the timer starts running until you click “check out.” But really, the big reward is you pulling right into the parking place of your choice without sacrificing a precious half hour of your life on the parking hunt.

Of course, there’s always the rule of parking karma. The more you give, the more you get. So you could also use the app to share your driveway or garage and make some money on the side (or forgo the money and let the universe take care of things).

Tiding you over until the day your car can park itself.

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