Hummer, Dude

Placing Songs by Humming

UD - SoundHound Snow again.

Like the mystery tune that gets stuck in your head in the morning, it won’t go away.

Speaking of which, we know that mystery tune you’ve had in your head all day today has been driving you crazy. It’s on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t place it.

So we thought you’d need SoundHound, a new app for recognizing songs simply by humming a melody, now available for your phone.

Think of this like Shazam, but for those times when the song you’re trying to figure out isn’t playing on the radio, but being generated from the ether of your mind (where some of your favorite lost tracks are randomly generated).

So the next time you’re walking down the street, and a beautiful expanse of sound moves to the forefront of your thoughts, pull out your phone and start humming or singing into this app. It uses the fastest music-recognition software out there, so it’ll find the song in question within seconds.

And because context is always nice, it will also immediately display the lyrics, YouTube videos of the song, similar music recommendations and even tour dates of the artist.

Not applicable if you’ve got Buddy Holly in your head again.

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