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Old-School Sports Gear for Dad’s Shelf (or Yours)

UD - Leather Head Sports You have an eye for the exquisite. That tiny beauty mark. The subtle curve of a back. One suggestively raised eyebrow.

And, of course, the unparalleled seductive powers of soft leathery skin and lots of stitches.

So let us bring your attention to Leather Head Sports, now available at Haberdash, the most handsome footballs and baseballs you’ll handle today.

This is a boutique line of vintage-style baseball and footballs that Abner Doubleday and Papa Bear Halas would easily recognize, harkening to a time when craftsmanship in sporting equipment was still a virtue. (No offense to Mr. Wilson, who was so amazing in the Tom Hanks-on-a-desert-island movie a few years ago.)

Starting with made-in-Chicago leather, each ball is hand-stitched by a single, obsessive sports nut and former photo editor for Major League Baseball. He’s based in New Jersey, but it should be noted he grew up in Cooperstown, where sports nostalgia is the number one export.

And as it just so happens to be gift-giving season, you might want to take note of the Lemon Ball, a yellow-leather baseball that would add a dignified touch to Dad’s office. But these are made for play, so the Leather Head, with its faint hint of leather aromas, is perfect for that Kennedy-esque game of family touch football in the yard.

If you can tear Grandma away from the Wii.


Leather Head Sports
available at Haberdash
607 N State St
(between Ohio and Ontario)
Chicago, IL, 60611

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