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The National Pinball Museum opens tomorrow in Georgetown Park to bring you all the pinball knowledge you never knew you needed, plus a giant room crammed with 50 years’ worth of games to play.

And since we wouldn’t want you to go in without some hard data, we took a peek last night and we’re ready to tell you what to expect.

Square feet devoted to nothing but pinball: 14,000
Giant flippers and bumpers you’ll see as you walk in: 7
Seats in the theater showing continuously looped films about pinball: 30
Replica 1900-era Sacramento saloons: 1
Number of drinks you’ll want to have in there: several
Number of drinks actually in there: 0
Games from 1950-2000 in the pay-to-play room: 34
Games featuring Guns N’ Roses: 1
Games featuring Ted Nugent: 1
Bullets somewhat incongruously shooting from Nugent’s guitar neck: 2
Cost per game: 50 cents
Surly, chain-smoking attendants who won’t refund your money when the machine eats it: 0
Hours you can spend in there if you keep winning replays: unlimited
Number of machines the curator has in storage, just in case things get boring: 600+
Deaf, dumb and blind kids, as of this writing: 0


National Pinball Museum
at the Shops at Georgetown Park
3222 M St NW
Washington, DC, 20007


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