Never Miss a Skins Comeback Again

UD - Thuuz You’ve got a full plate this month.

Raising extra cash for your suddenly endangered senator. Larding up budget bills with pork. Perfecting your tan for your John Boehner Halloween costume.

So we almost understand if you missed yesterday’s Skins comeback. Almost...

Meet Thuuz, a clever new online service that lets you know if that game in your DVR queue is really worth your time.

In a world of overanalysis and stat-geekery, this site gives you only one stat: whether last night’s game was worth watching. Thuuz’s number crunchers give each game an “excitement score” of 1 to 100, based on X-factors like comebacks, upsets and innovative new touchdown dances, which may or may not include a Sharpie and a cell phone.

So next time you get called to an emergency Sunday session at the White House (the Situation Room, frustratingly, still lacks cable), you can return home and find the day’s best games, sans scores. For example, you’ll see that the Skins’ matchup with the Packers yesterday warranted a score of 86. It will even tell you the best spot to cue it up—12:23 remaining in the fourth quarter. (Spoiler alert: they win.)

If you can’t wait that long, you can sign up for emails or text alerts when a game goes into nail-biting territory.

There’s got to be a TV in the Capitol somewhere...

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