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Your Silent Alarm Clock

UD - Lark Great moments in alarm clock history:

Roughly 10,000 BC: A rooster crows and wakes up a caveman.

14th Century: Timed clock towers are invented. Meetings begin happening on time.

Late 20th Century: The snooze button is invented. Meetings go back to starting late.
And finally, today: The silent alarm clock is introduced. And nothing is ever the same again...
Presenting Lark, a silent alarm that wakes you up using the power of natural vibrations, available for preorder now.
In short, this is a way to wake up using the natural rhythms of your body, while conveniently sparing any person(s) sleeping next to you from hearing your alarm.

Here’s how it works: you’ll download the app to an iPhone, iPod or iPad, and then it’ll sync wirelessly to a wristband. You’ll wear the wristband to sleep (wearing anything else: optional). Then, in the morning, when your alarm is set to go off, the band will start vibrating—slowly at first, then eventually matching the natural rhythms of your body (which strangely sound a lot like a Steely Dan song). It’s like a miniature, soothing wrist earthquake.

Naturally, you should know that this is all backed up by science. The technology here was developed by a team of MIT engineers, Stanford specialists and one narcoleptic Harvard professor (allegedly), who successfully tested this device on the heaviest of sleepers.

So feel free to give your glockenspiel-playing butler the morning off.

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