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Your New Leather Hookup

UD - Corter Leather Today we’d like to talk about your pants.

And in particular, what you’ll put in them.

Preferably something that’s been caressed. Cared for. Labored over intensively.

You know, like a handmade wallet from some guy in Massachusetts.

Introducing Corter Leather, a line of leather goods made by a man working out of his apartment bedroom, available online now.

Your new wallet guy is Eric Heins, a Bay Stater who has dedicated his life to assembling scraps of vegetable-tanned leather. His lineup: small and detailed wallets, card holders, belts and laptop cases. (You can ask, but we don’t think he’ll make you that leather wetsuit.)

To get the money-carrying ball rolling, you’ll place your order online. Then, by candlelight (we’re assuming), Eric will punch, sew, oil and dye your leather until it’s a perfectly pristine tan or black. Once your wallet arrives, look it over—notice the inlay made from a pre-washed feed bag from the ’30s. The snap made from a handmade coin concho. And the inside, with enough space to hold a dozen credit cards...

Just don’t go full Costanza on us.

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