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Office Shirts for the Lumberjack in You

UD - New England Shirt Company The historic mills peppered throughout New England have provided many amazing things over the years.

Picturesque scenes. Ken Burns documentaries. Teamsters.

And now they’re about to provide some really great button-downs.

Presenting the New England Shirt Company, a line of hard-as-nails shirts, made right here in Massachusetts and now available at Drinkwater’s in Cambridge.

Think of these as the 100% cotton, buttery-soft shirts that can handle anything the brash environments of New England throw at you (snow, Mondays, running back ACL tears), constructed using single-needle threading and made by the people who know it best (call it the home-team advantage).

For the office, they’ve got slim and classic-cut dress shirts in blues, whites and earthy tones. And for the outdoors, there are double-pocketed flannel workwear-type shirts that could work as a standalone or over a T-shirt, depending on how much lumberjacking you plan on getting into.

But our pick is a shirt called the Henderson. Named after the building that Drinkwater’s is housed in, it was designed by the shop owner specifically for this store, and comes with a trimmer fit and a shorter tail for less bagginess and a more flattering cut.

Not that your cut needs flattering.


New England Shirt Company
available at Drinkwater’s
2067 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA, 02140

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