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UD - Joke Writing by Washington Writing Group The time is approaching. You've got to address a very important constituency. And— before you tell them that their secret congressional slush fund is being slashed—you're going to want to lighten up the room with a few punch lines.

We know: again. So it's time to refresh your material. With the help of a few moonlighting pros...

Enter Joke Writing by the Washington Writing Group, now available to spruce up your next toast, roast or speech to the Teamsters.

You may have gone to this firm in the past for technical writing, proposals and the like. But they've got a secret. And it's a funny one: an under-the-radar capacity for comedy writing, helmed by an improv comic and script writer who's plied her trade in New York and LA for ten years.

So the next time you need to win a room, you'll bring her your rough, cocktail-napkin script. She'll ask you about your audience, your tone and what boundaries you'd like to keep. (Probably best not to work blue at the National Prayer Breakfast.) And then she'll either write lines for you from scratch, or take your existing script and punch it up with sight gags, subtle digs or wry Seinfeldian observations.

The wry Seinfeldian delivery is on you.


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