Tie After Tie

Skinny Ties from a Whipped Cream Factory

UD - Graham Withers We took a peek at your closet recently (don’t worry, the maid let us in), and we noticed that you could use another great-looking tie.

You know, one that’s a bit skinny, that brings out your eyes—and that was designed in the back of a whipped cream factory in Long Island...

Thus, we present Graham Withers, producers of your next amazing handmade tie, now available.

It all began about two years ago, with two design buddies working diligently out of a Brooklyn apartment, armed only with a tie idea, some needles, a few fabrics (cotton, linen, wool, silk) and a neckwear dream. They started making each tie by hand, and every time they sold one, they’d get cracking on the next one.

Well, since then they’ve stepped up their game: they’ve moved their design HQ to the back of a whipped cream factory (naturally), and they’ve gone digital, meaning you can now order a tie online and it’ll be shipped to you in a few days.

They’ve even knocked their prices down from $82 to $48 for the ties they currently have in stock. Our pick: the Kyle, a cotton-flannel hybrid perfect for a late-summer dinner at the girlfriend’s parents’ house.

No, you don’t have to be named Kyle.

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