The Breakup

New Line From Ex-Trovata Duo

Breakups can be hard.

Especially when things seem to be going so well on the surface. But deep down, sometimes you know you're just not that into it.

Making a clean break from their popular, critically acclaimed upstart fashion line Trovata (we've long been fans), Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos are putting themselves out there with the creatively monikered Shipley & Halmos, hitting stores this weekend.

Let's be clear about one thing: Shipley & Halmos is not Trovata 2.0. There are no crazy stories about down-on-their-luck blueblood families scrawled inside the blazers, no antique one-of-a-kind buttons and not nearly as much surf/prep preciousness. Instead, the brand is a bit more grown up, more focused on form and fit, and still extremely accessible.

The signature piece of the debut line is a trim fitting suit, but we're partial to their first ever pair of jeans (a raw, dark, dressy denim) and the just-above-the-knee shorts/bathing suit hybrid. There are also sweaters, pants, cardigans and typical men's finery. Filling out the line are boxer shorts made out of dress shirt material and a t-shirt that sits precariously in between crewneck and v-neck.

It just can't commit.

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