Kendo Classes at the Capital Area Budokai


A Haven for Japanese Swordsmanship

UD - Kendo Classes at the Capital Area Budokai You're no stranger to secret societies, codes of honor, and ancient ways of doing things.

But there's one thing your underground organizations have always lacked: swords.

Until now...

Which is why we bring you Kendo Classes at the Capital Area Budokai, instructing you in the art of samurai-style swordsmanship, and accepting students now.

Run by a bunch of swordmasters, this Japanese-style dojo is the surest path to Kill Bill-style badassery. Over a four-week course, you'll learn basic stances, proper footwork with your bamboo sword, and traditional swordsman's manners (properly greeting your opponent before you fence him into submission, never swinging at a guy wearing glasses).

Once you master the basics, they'll suit you up in the traditional armor of a face mask and padding for your torso and wrists—think David Carradine on casual Friday—for some high-intensity sparring. Before long, you'll be singing your weapon to sleep at night.

And if you care to try your hand with real steel, there's a related dojo here that practices choreographed moves (and slicing up bamboo mats) with actual blades. Just be warned: no sparring allowed.

The school would run out of students that way.


Kendo Classes at the Capital Area Budokai
25 S Quaker Ln
Alexandria, VA, 22314

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