Tactical Airsoft Arena

The Shield

Grown-Up Cops and Robbers in Rockville

UD - Tactical Airsoft Arena You're a student of some of our greatest practitioners of law and justice. Thomas Magnum. Jack Bauer. Kojak.

In fact, you're pretty sure that, given the opportunity, you could storm a room just like them.

Maybe this weekend.

Welcome to Tactical Airsoft Arena in Rockville, where you can spend an afternoon kicking in doors, taking out perps and generally dispensing your own brand of justice.

The arena you've been looking for to show off your badassery, this is a massive warehouse space set up with a course of rooms, hallways and graffitied barriers. You and your band of commandos (call them the A-Team) will start by grabbing masks and colored armbands to differentiate you from the bad guys. Then, you'll pick out a replica automatic weapon that fires out streams of BBs (they're easier on your dry cleaner than paintballs).

Once you're geared up, the ex-military types in charge will present the rules of each tactical game, which may involve raiding the other team's room, capturing their flag or fending off an army of zombies.

Be warned, however: on any given day, your opponents could be cops, soldiers or professional security, all of whom train here. So after you vanquish them, don't forget to have a rugged-sounding one-liner at the ready.

Go more MacGyver than MacGruber.


Tactical Airsoft Arena
20 Southlawn Ct, Suite B
Rockville, MD, 20850

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