Ticket to Ride

Never Forget a Parking Ticket Again

UD - Parkzing We regret to inform you that you have a parking ticket.

Okay, maybe you don't. But someday soon—especially now that meter time-limits barely get you through dinner—you will.

Don't panic. The boot man isn't coming for you. Yet.

The reason: Parkzing, a Web-based service now serving the District so you never forget to pay a parking ticket again.

This is the first line of defense between you and the boot man (the last line being a welding torch). Basically, you (reluctantly) agree to pay your tickets, and in exchange... you never have to think about them again.

You'll start by entering in your plate number and your email on the site. Then, the next time you get a ticket that, ahem, blows off your windshield, you'll get gentle email reminders every week until you pay up, reminding you how much you're in arrears to Johnny Law.

If writing a check is still too burdensome (and it is), you can also arrange for Parkzing to pay your tickets for you. For an extra five bucks per offense, they'll set up an automatic deduction from your bank account directly to the DC Treasurer (aka The Man).

The other alternative: flee to Canada.

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