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Louis Boston's New Waterfront Home

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Let's go shopping.

Let's put the store on the edge of the harbor, and make it huge, and practically all windows.

Oh, and let's give it a DJ and iPads...

Welcome to Louis, the new incarnation of Louis Boston, now settled into its permanent home on Fan Pier and open as of today.

Let's get one thing straight: this isn't your father's Louis Boston. Now when you step inside this Beantown institution, you'll feel a little like you're standing on a shipping barge anchored in the harbor (and who doesn't want that sensation when you're in need of new chinos).

It's all one huge, cavernous first floor—chock-full of the city's largest selection of Billy Reid suits, shirts from Bespoken and crisp pants from JW Brine. To say nothing of its thick silo of Italian cardigans.

But more than the clothes themselves, we think you'll like the experience of browsing to the beat of a weekend DJ (jazz, funk, rock), mingling with your sartorial counterparts of the opposite sex and soaking up the deal-hunting energy and sceney waterfront vibe before you head upstairs for a bite and a shave (more on that in a month).

And keep in mind: if the DJ's choices aren't blowing your hair back, starting next week you can head to the in-house "music bar," grab an iPad and play your own songs through headphones.

We have no idea how people shopped before iPads.

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