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UD - PinpointsX Your city is a universe of opportunity.

We mean a very specific kind of opportunity. Not the kind that brought your immigrant forefathers to the New World. Unless your immigrant forefathers came in search of, how shall we say this... freedom of the flesh.

In which case they would have been a little early. You, however, are in the right place at the right time...

Introducing PinpointsX, an iPhone app with its mind squarely in the gutter, just launched today—in New York only—to help you create the kind of meaningful relationships that you will most likely be repressing for years to come.

You're going to put this in the column of things that you're glad exist even if you don't think about them every day. Like Stonehenge. Or French Playboy. PinpointsX (say it out loud) is like a concierge of underground desires—a map-based social network version of the unmentionables section of Craigslist.

And while you obviously would never use such a catalog of varied local pleasures—individuals who fit your hyper-specific requirements, bars where such people are likely to hang out, hotels by the hour, bawdyhouses, parlors of massage, charming professionals—if it happens to be on your iPhone when you get your 5am Saturday morning second wind, hey...

Just be warned: when you sign up, you'll have to offer up some very personal information (, blondes vs. brunettes, your attraction to open-minded European tour groups).

Remember, honesty is the best policy.

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