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You See Thousands of Them Every Day...

UD - How Many Billboards? In a town like this, everybody's selling something.

Except, it turns out, the billboards built to sell you things.

Now adding a subversive twist to your daily grind: a rogue new art installation from the MAK Center called How Many Billboards?, currently taking over our city.

Think of it as a chance to do a little deep thinking during your commute home—or, better yet, a chance to show off a little deep thinking to the comely date in your passenger seat on your way to dinner. So keep watch: at La Brea and Venice, you may find yourself transfixed by a billboard full of clouds, framed by a sky of...clouds. On Sunset in Silver Lake, there's a vintage "Think Small" ad to ponder from Volkswagen, whose campaign about consuming less got consumers buying a lot more of their cars.

Basically, it's not that you haven't enjoyed those profoundly incisive Valentine's Day ads blanketing our city for weeks, but given a choice between that and a random guy with a giant snowball stuck in his mouth (Wilshire and Hoover), you'd choose the latter every time.

Even on holidays.

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