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You have a busy week ahead of you. Art parties, burlesque supper clubs and indie lounging.

And now, you've got to run game on the croquet course.

Introducing the Duncan Quinn Pop-Up Shop, bringing you the sophistication of Savile Row tailoring, free cocktails and the joys of indoor croquet, starting tomorrow.

Located in the Moore Building in the Design District, think of this temporary store as a private miniature country club that also happens to sell suits. Step in, and you'll find a full selection of the British designer's natty menswear—slim, fitted jackets and pants, available either custom or off the rack—plus a few classically trained tailors ready to surround you in tape measures (estimated inseam-measuring awkwardness: slight). There'll also be more casual items like polos and T-shirts.

But what we're really excited about is the recreation center: a healthy-sized croquet course for your ball-whacking and wicket-splitting pleasure.

And because nothing goes better with fashion and sport than a little gin, the Duncan Quinn folks will be hosting a reception for UD members this Thursday night complete with martinis, fittings and a drawing for a custom-made suit.

Gin and croquet kind of makes beer pong look uncivilized by comparison.


Duncan Quinn Pop-Up Shop
4040 NE 2nd Ave
No. 102
Miami, FL, 33137


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