Kith Treats x Cap’n Crunch

The Kith Treats Pop-Up Lands on Lincoln Road

Eat Some Cereal. Buy a Robe. Feel Accomplished.

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones ·
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Fact #1: Cap’n Crunch is a vastly underrated steward of style.

Fact #2: Streetwear connoisseurs Kith are about to change that.

Fact #3: We may have taken a few liberties with the word “fact.”

Basically, you should really make your way to the Kith Treats x Cap’n Crunch pop-up, a fleeting collaboration of cereal and style that features both a breakfast bar and a retail shop, open now in South Beach for the next month.

You’ll find it in a very blue, very industrial-looking spot designed by Snarkitecture on Lincoln Road. Befitting of a distinguished nautical cartoon character who fronts for peanut-butter-flavored corn puffs.

It’s from Kith Treats, the cereal arm (let that sink in) and café of the NYC clothing and sneaker purveyors. And if this whole scenario sounds familiar, well, yeah. Their New York pop-up sold out within hours.

But they’ve stocked up for us. You’ll find the appropriately themed hoodies, tees, caps and robes around the shop. Also: 500 limited-edition Cap’n Kith boxes sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

And if perusing their wares has worked up your appetite, you’re in luck. They’ve got a bar in here serving up Cap’n Crunch cereal mixes, milkshakes and ice cream. Like the Jack-O-Lantern with Halloween Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch and Reese’s Pieces.

Otherwise you’ll have to wait around for the next balanced breakfast mascot style collaboration.
Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones finds unhyphenated names quaint. She believes that croquetas and gin cocktails are suitable precursors to running and hoisting heavy weights over one’s head.


Kith Treats x Cap’n Crunch
721 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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