Perfect Strangers

The Future of Social Networking

UD - By/Association It's easy to amass a stream of endlessly chattering Facebook friends and Twitter followers…

But lately you've been craving a more simple pleasure—a cold martini with someone interesting. In person. Who could potentially make your life much more awesome.

Bringing back the real world to the Internet: By/Association, a mysterious new networking site unlike anything you've ever seen.

Instead of quantity of connections, this site is about quality: no status updates, no tweets, no virtual collecting of followers or "friends." Just one introduction per month to someone you might not otherwise have met. That's it.

So far, the introductions have been personally selected by the man behind the curtain (based on whom he thinks you should meet), but as membership grows there'll be a complicated (yet brilliant) algorithm used to generate the connections.

Getting started is easy—simply submit an application, and once accepted, you'll receive your first intro in no time. Here at UrbanDaddy HQ, we've had the pleasure of making acquaintances with a filmmaker, a marketing guru and, most important, a talented knife maker.

This all got started in New York, but the gates have just been opened in LA—with Chicago, Boston and Toronto coming soon.

Sit tight, Bakersfield.

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