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The Return of the B-Side (Only Better)

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Ever since the skies darkened after the legendary B-Side Lounge shuttered over a year ago, you've counted the days until you could spend a night within its hallowed walls once more.

We're happy to report the countdown is over.

Feast your eyes on Lord Hobo, and when it opens its doors Monday, it will be a testament to the redemptive powers of resurrection and reinvention—and in Inman Square no less.

Upon entering you'll notice a handsome interior face-lift with everything from handmade banquette seating to an entire new construction of mahogany booths, as well as a rotating 40-tap beer selection (including three hand-pumps for cask goodness), presenting you options like the MA-brewed Mayflower Golden Blonde ale or the Hercule Russian Imperial Stout, a Belgian brew that leaves you thankful it comes served in real-deal 16-ounce pints.

And if mean cocktails like their 92 Siestas (Luna tequila, agave syrup and bitters) require some comfort food done right to complete your marathon booze session, you have housemade Gnocchi With Parmesan Cream and Oxtail and True Sheppard's Pie to dive into, courtesy of a chef from Sorellina and Moo. Meaning you may well find yourself wanting to give up your home and just live on a cot wedged between beer casks out back.

Like a hobo, if you will.

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