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On-Tap Limoncello and Baked-Potato Pizza

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They all got to reinvent themselves.

And so has Cinderella’s Bar & Restaurant, the transformation of a Central Square pizza-and-pasta fixture into a bona fide drinkery, expected to reopen Monday.

Cinderella’s was around for 21 years. Then it closed in March. Now it’s back with veterans of Five Horses Tavern and McCabe’s on Mass in-house, and it’s something... completely different.

Then: A takeout joint with diner booths and bright-orange brick walls.
Now: The brick still stands, sans orange. But it’s been transformed into a woodsy drinking den with a dark cherry bar and paintings that depict Central Square circa 1890. There were more horses back then. (Take it away, slideshow.)

Then: You called in a large cheese pizza for delivery.
Now: You go there and eat a baked-potato pizza with scallion crema and bacon.

Then: Drinks were limited to the soft variety.
Now: You’re working with 20 draft lines, Ferris Muellers (vodka, Pimm’s, ginger beer) and barrel-aged Negronis.

Then: You finished your meal and... just kind of went home.
Now: You finish your meal and ask for a glass of limoncello on tap.

Then: There was a legendary steak bomb calzone.
Now: There’s a legendary steak bomb calzone.

You never give up on a steak bomb.


Cinderella’s Bar & Restaurant
901 Main St
Cambridge, MA, 02139


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