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Scotch Eggs and Scotch-Scotch in Inman

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If this bar were dishonest, it’d be called No Hops n No Scotch.

But it’s honest.

It’s an honest bar.

So it’s called Hops n Scotch, and it’s the Cambridge outpost of a Brookline legend where you’ll find at least 100 beers and 120 brown liquors at any given time, opening next Friday in Inman Square. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

Since 2012, Brookliners have wantonly flaunted their access to the vast beer and whiskey reserves of the original. But now, it’s everyone else’s turn.

You won’t enter through a service door with a password. And you won’t find any mounted antelope heads inside, either. This is a place that takes it beverages seriously. And to that effect, you’ll find plenty of wood, wall-mounted whiskey barrels, a long bar and not much else. Fair enough.

Start things slowly. Maybe with a pint of Clown Shoes from their 40-strong draft wall. Or with one of 60 bottles like a cold Chimay.

Soon, it gets serious. Glenfiddich-21-year serious. One-hundred-and-nineteen-other-whiskeys-and-scotches-and-bourbons serious. Then, like something out of a dream, someone shows up to your table with chorizo-wrapped Scotch eggs.

Sometimes your dreams have Scotch eggs in them.

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